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Pea on this, Pea on that

Peas have a reputation.  And it ain't good - starchy and a weird color, very often the color of something a babe has recycled. But in fact, they can be delicious and there's a reason we feed them whooshed to infants, they're nutritious. If you hate peas, my theory is, you've probably never had a good pea.  
Where to find a good pea?  In my opinion, there are only two options.  1.  You're in a field of peas, and you're picking them at the perfect stage of readiness - not too fat, not too skinny.  From there, you immediately walk to a kitchen, have everyone in the house help you shell, then directly into salted boiling water.  30 seconds later, you have perfectly delicious peas.  Sound like a lot of work and effort?  Yep, sure is.  I eat my peas in the garden, and very generously share one or two with the cockers, who adore them.  They'll pick their own peas given a chance, and have ruined many a vine to get at them.  Turns out, pea shoots are just as delectab…